Ive recently started collecting Anime and Manga.
I am more than willing to trade for stuff to
complement my collection or to add new things
that I dont have yet. This is a list of what I
have. Let me know if you are interested in trading.

I havn't updated this in a while, and I don't plan
to. I have giFT with OpenFT, Gnutella, and FastTrack.
If you want to trade anyway, let me know. I can get
a lot of stuff I would be willing to trade for some
rare stuff.

Current Anime collection:

Great Teacher Onizuka:
Episodes 1-43 subbed

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Episodes 1-26, plus some sort of special

All of the First Season, plus the soundtrack
and some other extra goodies. Awesome quality.

The movie, Awesome quality. Cut into two parts,
about 700mb each.

Ranma 1/2:
Seasons 1, 2, and 3. All subbed
Season 4, 1-18 subbed (working on getting the rest,
but they might be dubbed. Ugh)

Love Hina:
Episodes 1-25 (subbed)
Spring and Christmas specials
Again, Episodes 1-3 (subbed)

Thats it for Anime. I used to have some Cowboy
and some Bubblegum Crisis 2040, but they were
a pain to get and I was running out of room.
Now Ive got a pair of 160gb's. No more worries ^_^


Chapters 1-255 (complete)

Love Hina:
Books 1-14 (complete)

Not sure, but alot

If anything interests you, let me know.